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Become an NVQ Assessor

Full-time / Remote

Become an NVQ assessor

Who is it for

This opportunity is for experienced construction industry professionals with a background in roles such as foreman, team leader, supervisor, or manager, who are now looking to transition their careers.

About the Role

We are seeking a dynamic individual to join our growing team of NVQ assessors. This role offers a unique opportunity to leverage your industry experience and organisational skills in a new direction as an NVQ Assessor. It's a chance to pivot your career, applying your practical construction knowledge in the training field.

If you're prepared for this new challenge, we're eager to welcome you aboard.


Key Responsibilities

  1. Assessing Candidate Competence: Evaluate the skills and knowledge of professionals in the construction industry, ensuring they meet NVQ standards.
  2. Providing Constructive Feedback: Offer guidance and feedback to candidates to aid their professional development.
  3. Maintaining Standards: Ensure assessments are conducted in line with industry and NVQ guidelines.
  4. Record Keeping: Accurately document assessments, feedback, and candidate progress.
  5. Planning: Maintain regular contact with assigned learners, and plan site visits as well as remote sessions.
  6. Time Management: Independently manage client assessments according to agreed plans and completion dates.



Application Process

Interested candidates are encouraged to submit their applications along with a supporting CV detailing their experience, qualifications, and skills. We will review each application and respond to all applicants, regardless of the outcome, to ensure transparency and respect for your efforts.

Successful applicants will be contacted directly by our team to discuss the next steps. Depending on location and availability, we will arrange a meeting to further discuss the opportunity. This meeting can take place either in person or remotely via Zoom.