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NVQ Level 2 Boarding / Tacking Certificate

On-Site Assessment & Training Course
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NVQ Level 2 Dry Lining Boarding / Tacking Certificate (Interior Systems) Skilled Worker (Blue)
After your successful completion, you'll be able to apply for a Skilled Worker (Blue) CSCS card!

Dry Lining Boarding / Tacking NVQ Requirements

NVQ level 2 boarding / tacking
NVQ Level 2 Dry Lining Boarding / Tacking
Assessment Type: On-Site Assessment
CSCS Card Type: Skilled Worker (Blue) CSCS card
Dedicated Assessor: Yes; with direct contact number
Assessment Timescale: 2+ months
Fast Track Assessment: 4-8 weeks guaranteed (Optional)
Classroom Attendance: No; we'll visit you at your workplace
Guidance & Support: Yes; we're here to help
Our Coverage: All of UK
Exams: No

The dry lining boarding/tacking NVQ assessment and training course will cover the basic skills that demonstrate a candidate’s understanding of the Health and Safety requirements for a work site. Thus, a dryliner tacker should demonstrate the skills as well as knowledge to do dryliner boarder tasks safely, according to construction site rules.

A typical dryliner boarder must be able to:

  • install plasterboard linings to timber or metal frames
  • as well as forming openings and making repairs

The NVQ Level 2 Boarding / Tacking assessment and training course is designed for professional dryliner boarders who have sufficient expertise in their sector and who can demonstrate the required dry lining boarding / tacking practical skills — according to the National Occupational Standards.

If you consider yourself a more advanced dry liner, then you might want to pursue the NVQ Level 2 Dry Lining Fixing (Interior Systems) qualification.

Dry Lining Boarding / Tacking NVQ Course Eligibility Quiz

Take this super easy quiz and answer 4 simple questions to find out if you qualify for the NVQ Level 2 dry lining boarding / tacking course!

£ 600.00 (incl. VAT)
NVQ Level 2 Boarding / Tacking On Site Assessment & Training Course
1. Additional packages (optional):
1-Day Registration

1-Day Registration

If you're having difficulties getting on site without proper CSCS card, we can register you for the NVQ qualification within 1 work day so that you can apply for Experienced Worker (Red) CSCS card. We can also provide a confirmation letter of commencing the course for your employer so you can get on site quickly.

*to apply for a temporary CSCS card, you must have valid H&S test, passed within the last two years

(+ £50.00)
No Homework

No Homework

Free up your time for more important things in your life! With this option, your assessor will do significant legwork for you by filling out the paperwork (questionnaire pages) on your behalf. All you have to do is to have a discussion at your workplace and answer clear and simple questions verbally. Then your assessor will use your verbal response to fill out all the answers on your behalf.

(+ £100.00)
Fast Track Course

Fast Track Course

Select this option to speed up the assessment process and apply for a proper CSCS card within 2 months guaranteed. Your dedicated assessor will work out a plan for speedy completion and will focus on achieving your goal within the set timeframe.

*if we can't achieve the target, we won't charge you the fee for this package

(+ £200.00)
Full assessment cost: £ 0.00

2. Select my preferred payment plan:
Full amount
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I know you're a legitimate company and not scammers?

    Up Level training centre is officially registered with the National Specialist Accredited Centre (NSAC) - CITB, - and is accredited by ProQual (Awarding Body) as NVQ assessment and training centre for construction-related qualifications.

    This can be confirmed by contacting either organisation:

    CITB, National Specialists Office
    Suites 1 & 2 - Venture House
    1st Floor, Bridge Business Park
    674 Melton Road, Thurmaston
    LE4 8BB

    Tel: 0300 456 5549
    Email: service.desk@citb.co.uk

    ProQual AB Ltd
    ProQual House, Westbridge Court
    Annie Med Lane
    South Cave
    East Riding of Yorkshire, HU15 2HG

    Tel: 01430 423822
    Email: enquiries@proqualab.com

  • How can we guarantee 100% positive results?

    Before invoicing and registering you with the Awarding Body, our assessor will carry out screening of your knowledge and overall work experience to confirm your ability to cover the assessment criteria for the qualification. The assessment cannot be completed without your participation; you must be motivated and be able to co-operate with the assessor to achieve the qualification.

  • How soon can I apply for a CSCS card?

    The assessment timeframe might vary depending on circumstances of your employment status and ability to present evidence of your practice. Typically, you'll discuss all aspects of your circumstances with your assessor before commencing the course to confirm the completion date. Once you can agree on the realistic and achievable completion date, the assessment can start.

    As an option, in the booking form on this website it is possible to select the Fast Track NVQ assessment package (check out the booking form options for more info).

  • Do I need to do CSCS H&S test once I have completed the NVQ course?

    CITB has changed the test exemption rules, and, as of 2nd September 2019, all applicants who apply for the CSCS card with the NVQ Diploma are required to pass the CITB Health, safety and environment test. You can read more about this change by following this link: https://www.cscs.uk.com/about/faqs/?faq_category=983

  • Do I need to do CSCS H&S test to apply for a temporary Experienced Worker (red) CSCS card?

    Yes, to apply for a temporary Experienced Worker (red) CSCS card, you must have a valid H&S test which was completed within the last two years.

  • Can I register for the NVQ course without National Insurance number?

    Yes, you can register for the course without NI number.

  • Can I skip levels and get higher NVQ level qualification?

    Yes, you can skip levels as long as you can prove your competence in your field of expertise.

  • When can I expect my NVQ diploma?

    Once your assessment is completed, and your portfolio submitted to the awarding body for the achievement, typical waiting time is 5-7 working days. The actual wait time might vary from case to case depending on awarding body's workload.

  • What discounts are available?

    In cases when a group of people or a company commit to multiple (3+) assessment courses, our company is ready to discuss the potential discount offer.

  • Can I still do NVQ if I’m dyslexic or find myself being non-academic mind?

    Yes, your grammar ability doesn’t affect the outcome of the NVQ assessment. The assessor will take into consideration your unique situation and will make up the assessment plan that suits your needs.


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